About this website:

We intend to present here polish texts about ecopsychology which is an atitude  quite well known in English-speaking countries and less known in Poland. This includes: scientific articles, studies, translations of English texts, essays, reports from ecopsychological workshops and many more.

Our inspiration is Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects. Ecopsychology means also for us deriving form deep ecology movement and some philosophical and psychological conceptions and schools, such as: Jungian psychology, Buddhism or Taoism.

English Corner of this website is a space where we mostly put some additional materials from workshops we conduct in English.

About us:

This page is being created by enthusiasts of ecopsychology, nature lovers, environmental activists, psychologists, biologists, philosophers, scientists, and publicists. We write about nature and our relationship with it. We share our experiences. We run open personal development workshops and ecopsychological workshops. Our aim is to reconnect with Nature and learn from it.

We believe that awareness of our emotion about what is happening with the Earth, acknowledging them and honouring them is the firs step to transformation.

Initiator of this website:

My name is Anna Gierlińska. I am a trainer, educator, publicist with PhD in philosophy. I run ecopsychological and self development workshops.

Through my work, but also through my own life, I help others to experience their HERE and NOW more fully and to be closer to the Nature. I love to accompany people in discovering themselves. My workshops combine work with a group process, following processes in nature and individual work with our own internal process. I draw from the Jungian approach, Coyote Teaching and deep ecology and ecopsychology.

My greatest teacher is life itself, as it is. The inspiration is wild nature and many sensitive people whom I met on my way. My special love are the rivers with the inevitability and unchangeability of their current, which is a great symbol of the flow of energy and emotions, the course of life itself.